Have we become slaves to technology? Did we even realise how this whole bug seeped into our days without us even complaining ?



The image here  is rather extreme and can lead to consequences if only one of the partners has got one eye on the phone! Are we willing victims or happy partners in crime to this invasion?


Came across this nice line –


The difference between technology and slavery is that slaves are fully aware that they are not free


Technology evolution so far has been a whirlwind of advances that make the previous decade feel like the previous century ! Life has become so much simpler, information is at the tip of the finger, communication can happen across the globe in seconds, video based technology that is free and helps make interactions more real , online services for a wide array of services and conveniences improve productivity and help you move on the move.


Yet behind all this is a total addiction to a variety of gadgets from the phone to the tablet to the kindle to the laptop to wifi to newer passions like clicking pics to selfies to whatsapping or facebooking. Today when you check into a hotel, meeting room or visit a coffee shop the wifi is more critical than the room or the coffee !


Did we not communicate when there was no wifi ? Getting likes online or the number of connections and “friends” is a test of one’s popularity more than the number of “real” friends you have.


The virtual world rules and has sort of taken  over control of our lives.


Dining table and coffee shop discussions and even serious business meetings  are often missing eye contact half the time since the gadgets are more compelling. … The phone has become a lifeline which has to be checked every minute ! And the list goes on.


Are our social skills taking a beating thanks to this invasion of our privacy?


When was the last time you really enjoyed a break – maybe a Sunday without any tv or gadgets a weekend or even not glancing at your phone during every meeting break or even during a movie ?



Try it – I tell you from experience  – it’s the most liberating experience – the feeling of being free, of knowing that the world and your work can go on even if you are not reachable at times you chose to be out of reach.


Make time to talk, communicate, spend more time with family, read, walk in the midst of nature and soak in the unreal world even if its in your backyard or nearby park or during a weekend break.


Like any deaddiction program its not easy, but its surely worth the effort to change the habit. Those who do manage this will vouch for its wellness benefits and more peace of mind.


And if you stumble along the way,make it part of the dance 🙂 And enjoy the journey