Coaching has trained my brain to focus on possibility over problem. I am a more composed, well balanced self now. People are able to see the change, a positive change. It was possibly only because I went through the mastery session of Mr Cherian.

You not only helped me find my goals but also showed me direction on how to stay aligned with the same and deliver. My focus has gone up, my ability to make decisions with a composed self has gone better.

I am a great work in progress these days, with 360 degree feedback, both opening and closing, I was able to understand my weakness and get rid of them. My focus on strengths has gone up multifold. I am sure, all these will help me align more with the organisational goals and accomplish them.

– EVP of a large Corporate Group

It is with great pleasure I recommend Mr Cherian Kuruvilla for the position of a coach. He is popularly known as CK in our company.  I was one of the fortunate few who had the opportunity of being coached by CK.

As CK began my coaching I was at first overwhelmed at the onerous task of setting goals, let alone achieving them. But the very next session, I was pleasantly surprised with the ease at which CK helped me out with breaking down complex thoughts into simple ones and devise strategies to achieve my goals.

Very soon I was measuring the progress I was making like a pro. After successfully completing my coaching sessions, I truly feel like a more effective leader.

CK has an aura about him which is infectious and makes undergoing coaching a lovable process. This I believe is the hall-mark of a coach with stupendous skills.

It will be a dream come true for anybody to be coached by CK. These are my honest opinions, but I must say that I am very small a person to be writing a recommendation for a great coach.

– GM –International trading firm

“ A mentor is someone who sees more talent and ability within you, then you see yourself, and help brings it out of you “ ….Bob Proctor

“A Coach is someone who tells you what you don’t want to hear, and make you see what you don’t want to see, so you can be who you have always known you can be”…Tom Landry

For me, Cherian has been switching hats between that of Mentor and Coach, but made sure I am on the path to achieve what I deserve to achieve. To tell the truth, it was not easy in starting. I am a person who believe that I don’t need any kinds of Coaching. I have been in very senior management roles and have always been guiding my teams. People have been looking up to me. So I believed that I know it all…till I met Cherian. Few interactions and I knew that I am living in a box.

Cherian has helped me understand my personal and professional goals so clearly that every day I now consciously work towards them. I now have a clear path in front of me with strategies in place and also what tools I need also shortlisted.  I am an empowered person now with an amazing clarity about my life.

– Ex senior corporate executive, Co founder and Business Head – a woman entrepreneur

During the transition period from being the Head of Training Operations to becoming the Chief Operating Officer, it was CK who coached and mentored me in order to get ready for the new leadership role that I was assigned.

Right from day one, the coaching sessions were simple, effective and assisted me to understand myself in a detailed manner. The process of coaching, which included Questionnaire and Holistic Health section, enabled me to get a deeper understanding of myself as an individual.  The 360 degree form was an eye-opener for me. This gave me a completely new picture of the people’s perspectives about my strengths and my true potential.

The design and flow of the entire coaching process was very smooth and never put any pressure on my existing work. Moreover, with a Coach like Cherian it was always an easy session. He is one of the most sensible, practical, humble and understanding person I have worked with. It was an absolute privilege to be coached by him. 

– ex COO , now an Entrepreneur

Cherian or CK as I call him, coached me and helped me identify/recognize my strengths that I wasn’t aware of. I’d like to describe him as a gentle, strong, empathetic and experienced coach. I have learnt a lot about coaching from him. Thank you CK.

– Ex Marketing Communications,  now Entrepreneur

It gives me immense pleasure to state on record the positive changes brought about in me by Mr. Cherian Kuruvila of CNC Transcend Management Services, Bangalore, after a six months one-to-one (Coaching) session.  The session focused on improvement in Leadership, the ability in achieving the Sales Targets, the art of being more assertive, improving the interpersonal effectiveness at work, better Time Management, good Financial Planning among others.  Mr. Cherian really helped me to reflect and re-position myself to bring about a positive change, personally and officially. I would very confidently recommend Mr. Cherian to anyone, who is heading a Team, Unit or Organization for a (Coaching) session to obtain the desired positive changes

– Jt MD, international Trading company

This Future CEO coaching program provided me with the insight, fortitude, strategies and leadership skills that one must have to achieve better results for today and tomorrow.

This coaching with Cherian helped me in gaining the confidence to make Better Decisions Faster by using new Approaches and Forward-Thinking Techniques. Simply my action plans for today are driven by my Long-Range Vision.   Now I got the inspiration and knowledge to challenge conventional thinking, confront problems head-on, put groundbreaking ideas into strategies and actions with complete confidence and take my goals to the next level.

– Process Manager of a Manufacturing Company

Yes, the coaching journey has been amazing so far and an eye opener. I am glad that I took it up and I’m now enjoying and looking forward to the sessions! Since I started this journey  with Cherian there has been something to take back home every week, some change that I could notice in myself, growth at every opportunity and I am happy about it. The biggest change is my relationships with people. I thought this was my biggest weakness, draining my energy etc but now I see that this is my biggest strength and now I am actually getting energised being with people. I now have realised that by just changing the way we look at things we change the way things are for us.

The next biggest change has been in giving attention to detail, being focused and patient. Earlier I was very restless, lose interest very soon and jump from one idea to another etc. now I am able to make sure that unless I complete the task in hand I do not move to the next thought process. I am also able to give my 100% to the task in hand and not let my mind wander. This has helped me close things and not leave anything halfway. 

The other biggest change is the way I am dealing with people. I’m more confident, more convinced, more in control and in charge of myself. I guess understanding and realising my strengths and your constant reinforcements helped a lot. I’m able to play a role of a coach to my team members now and now I see that even they look forward to me spending time with them. I’m able to listen more attentively and try and help them come up with a solution, support and encourage and inspire them to do more be more.

– CEO of an Education services firm