Our Unique Blended Approach

We help drive growth with our distinct and blended approach of mentoring, coaching and consulting, as appropriate, to help provide a complete and holistic solution to the organization, key individuals and leaders, who make a difference.

Our approach has evolved over time, based on our success stories of servicing our clients – both business owners and corporates.

Business Mentoring (9 – 12 months)

A business mentoring approach involves key internal stakeholders (Senior Leadership Team and the next level Core Team) to help set your critical systems in place,  to address each of the challenges as captured in the scope of services, such that they work to our satisfaction.

Strategy Consulting (1 – 3 months)

From our experience,  we recommend that you cover 7 key business areas highlighted below, within your organization from a point of view of clarity of thinking, readiness for growth and operational efficiencies. Each area, of course, needs in-depth questioning, analysis and measurements with the key stakeholders to get the real inside story.

Executive Coaching (6 – 8 months)

Executive Coaching is a confidential, individually tailored, formally defined, 1:1 engagement, designed to meet the needs of the executive being coached and of the organization or individual leader or entrepreneur paying for the service. Coaching focuses on the future. The coach uses behavioural techniques to help the coachee achieve a mutually identified set of goals, to improve his or her professional performance and personal satisfaction and consequently improve the coachee’s organization.

Leadership Workshops (1 – 2 days)

Organization Development Workshops are conducted to expand the effectiveness of the team, in order to help them accomplish a fruitful performance. In our workshops, participants understand concepts such as strategic leadership, breakthrough thinking, problem solving and much more