Strategy Consulting – CNCTMS Business Health Scan

1- 3 months

Does your organization’s heart skip a beat often? Is your business deep down as healthy as you like? Are there some products, services, divisions, subsidiaries or regions dragging everyone down? Is your organization getting swept away by the impact of technology and faster moving competitors? Are your margins being squeezed under the get-business-at-any-cost mantra? Are you losing good people faster than you can hire them? Do you know what your employees think of the organization or what they speak outside your hearing zone? Are you surviving on past glories or on the current nimbleness of your team? Is your organization run by more leaders who energize teams with their vision and passion or by more managers thinking they are leaders because of their titles? Are you downsizing in the name of restructuring, just to keep the ship afloat? Are your challenges more external or internal? Do you know the root cause of your problems and what treatment can best get rid of them?


From our experience, we recommend that you cover 7 key business areas highlighted below, within your organization, from a point of view of clarity of thinking, readiness for growth and operational efficiencies. Each area, of course, needs in-depth questioning, analysis and measurements with the with the key stakeholders, to get the real inside story.


  1. Identifying and capturing growth opportunities in line with the vision that drives the business
  2. Innovation in services, pricing, technology, market reach, processes and relationship management
  3. Competition benchmarking to help stay ahead and unique
  4. Marketing and Branding Reach – traditional and new-age online mediums
  5. Sales Operations that measure all key performance metrics in real-time and drive data based decisions
  6. Business Planning and Profit and Loss Management, as a well thought out documented process, not just gut-based
  7. HR, Leadership Pipeline Development and Operational Effectiveness Metrics


When was the last time you did a Preventive Health Scan to give you an independent, unbiased, direct feedback on the health of your organization and its readiness for growth? And this goes beyond the routine audits that look more for problems than solutions.


Call us for a customized CNCTMS Business Health Scan© for your business.


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