While the key relationship and involvement is directly with the founding partners, we also follow a collaborative model with business associates for leadership workshops, training, coaching, Marketing , HR and Recruitment, where we sometimes work jointly or sometimes just connect vendors, for due diligence, based on the need.

We bring the experience and expertise of seasoned industry veterans, depending on the assignments and profile. We have decades of experience handling teams across leadership positions with sensitivity, respect for people and developing talent to grow to higher leadership roles.  For example, Profit Centre Heads, Functional Business Heads, Vice Presidents and Program Directors.

We strongly believe that we need to be viewed as strategic partners and our delivery approach reflects this mentality. While helping redefine the big picture, we roll up our sleeves and get into operational details with the involvement of the core teams.

We work to address long term business growth, short term tactical actions and provide process support, either directly or through our associates, to build a strong working relationship with our clients.

Our clients thus benefit from our substantial and invaluable learning experience and competencies, at rates equivalent to investing in a mid-level executive for their organization, but with deeper, longer, sustainable benefits, for the individual and the organization.

How can you benefit?

Our hands-on professional services are ideally suited for large corporates and mid-sized companies

  • Facing Operational, Human Resources, Strategy and Training challenges in improving productivity, profitability and efficiency ratios, to ensure consistently high growth and set a strong foundation for 2X growth
  • Looking for an external advisory board member with cross-functional experience to participate with you and your leadership teams and help execute on decisions, get business traction up and meet organizational goals
  • Wishing to explore 1:1 executive coaching for your CXOs, senior leadership and middle-level management and wanting to see your leaders aligned to the company vision and goals
  • Looking to empower talented women managers and high potentials to aspire to higher leadership levels, perform at higher levels of effectiveness and realize their true potential, enriching both themselves and your organization
  • Wishing to build a coaching and mentoring culture in your organization by incorporating such a mindset in your leaders
  • Needing customized Leadership Development Workshops for mid and senior leaders
  • Requiring Entrepreneurial Development Programs for business partners, distributors, retailers, dealers and franchisees

Our unique blended approach

  • We help drive growth with our distinct and blended approach of mentoring, coaching and consulting, as appropriate, to help provide a complete and holistic solution to the organization and the key individuals and leaders who make a difference
  • Our approach has evolved over time, based on our success stories of servicing our clients – both business owners and corporates
  • Step 1 : Addressing organization goals through a Strategy Consulting – Business Mentoring approach – address business vision, goals and strategies to grow business by 2X in 2 – 3 years by addressing structure, processes and reviews, in the areas of Business Planning, Sales and Distribution, Marketing, HR and Operations
  • Step 2 : Addressing leadership development goals through an Executive Coaching approach – identify development goals of select individuals to help them take on larger leadership roles and responsibilities and build a strong leadership pipeline
  • The combined efforts in Phase 1 and Phase 2 will help build a stronger foundation for growth and help demonstrate management intent in wanting to invest in people development, growth and long term retention; all of which are typical challenges in organizations of all sizes, in an ever evolving economy, full of opportunities
  • Based on the requirements and our joint assessment, we would recommend the ideal approach to address your organizational challenges