6 – 8 months

Executive Coaching is a confidential, individually tailored, formally defined, 1:1 engagement designed to meet the needs of the executive being coached and of the organization or individual leader or entrepreneur paying for the service. Coaching focuses on the future. The coach uses behavioural techniques to help the coachee achieve a mutually identified set of goals to improve his or her professional performance, personal satisfaction and consequently improve the coachee’s organization.


A prerequisite is that the coachee has a personal desire to improve his or her level of effectiveness and is open to being coached to this end. We begin with a pre-engagement meeting with the sponsor and the potential coachee to share our approach. Based on our understanding of the coachee’s profile and needs, we then recommend a 8 – 10 session engagement, spanning 6 – 8 months.


The coach then conducts an intensive interview-based 360 degree assessment on the coachee’s behalf with a range of 6 – 12 colleagues/known contacts, as deemed most appropriate. The 6 – 8 sessions that follow distil the broad agenda into specific coaching goals.


In addition, we administer further holistic health checks and psychometric assessments, as appropriate and relevant to our coachees and conduct another dipstick 360° before the close of our engagement, to help the coachee get a sense of where they stand at the time.


The sessions will be a mix of face-to-face and Skype sessions, according to a pre-agreed schedule. We may mutually agree to extend this engagement beyond this, if we agree that further support is in order and/or additional goals are to be addressed.


A snapshot of the coachee profiles we have handled so far


  • For a manufacturing company – Joint MD and mid-level managers including Plant Manager, International Trading Manager, Quality Manager and Process Head
  • For a logistics firm – Founder Director
  • For an international trading firm – Vice President, General Manager and a DGM based in the Middle East
  • For a World Trade Centre – Vice President
  • For an education services firm – CEO – a woman entrepreneur
  • For an HR recruitment firm – CEO – a woman entrepreneur
  • For an IT product company – Marketing Communications Head – a woman leader, now an entrepreneur
  • For a Top-3 housing finance firm group – 3 EVPs across India
  • For an event management firm – CEO/Founder
  • For a Sales and Marketing consulting firm – CEO/Founder
  • For a corporate tech leader in a global firm – GM
  • For a corporate sales leader in a large corporate group – GM


A snapshot of the coachee profiles we have handled so far


  • Personal Leadership – particularly enhancing self-awareness, emotional management, communication, listening, assertiveness, work-life balance, fear of failure and resilience
  • People Leadership and Managerial Excellence – including delegation, effective reviews, conflict management, persuasive influencing and becoming more of a coach
  • Business Leadership – including building an entrepreneurial and strategic mindset and long term focus in the self and team, building strategic relationships, enhancing visibility and building leadership alignment

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