Some of the biggest challenges of the manufacturing industry have been the lack of distributors, skilled training and labour disputes. With strategic review systems and enhancing communications, these issues have been sharpened and refined by us.


The IT Industry has had to face cumbersome recruitment procedures and the attrition and retention of the best of its workforce. CNC has been able to help its customers think different and supported them in their journey, to achieve business success.

Grasping the complexities of the healthcare business and handling various dynamics, CNC customers in this domain have seen immense growth, particularly in the areas of Strategy, Operations, HR, Sales and Marketing.

Organically growing brands through advertisements, promotions and trade fairs, acquiring new markets and innovation are the hurdles facing this industry today. Helping to put a business plan in place, building in review mechanisms and acquiring financial and operational discipline, our customers have been able to grow and achieve their goals.

CNC helped an international trading company with its organizational structure, the management dashboard review systems and much more for business control and handling growth.

A start-up travel services company benefited from the guidance and support of CNC in the areas of formalizing a Human Resource Department, setting up procedures, formalizing policies, attendance, payroll software and much more.