9 – 12 months


A Business Mentoring approach involves key internal stakeholders (Senior Leadership Team and next level Core Team) to help set your critical systems in place, to address each of the challenges as captured in the scope of services, such that they work to our satisfaction.


Typical scope of work covers


Business plan re-look, market expansion plans, market spread, engagement framework, structured performance reviews, organization structure development, Human Resources (through internal or outsourced resource combinations), Marketing & Branding areas of your organization.

The approach we follow

Principally we follow a 3 Phase process to get an engagement off the ground quickly.

  • Assessment Phase – understanding the business dynamics, market opportunity, business model, competition, organization and people challenges, to achieve next year’s business plan using the CNCTMS BUSINESS HEALTHSCAN QUESTIONNARE
  • Planning Phase – deciding on what kind of changes are needed in structure, processes, organization, policies, KRAs and JDs
  • Execution Phase – implementation of agreed changes and actions, review of minutes of meetings, review of effectiveness of programs, execution and course correction

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