Cherian – As a Strategic Leadership Workshop facilitator

Feedback from 4  VP’s of a Global  Bank across locations

Am doing great. Wish the same for you as well. I would be glad to be part of such reference list, in fact feel honored that you thought me as of your worthy for being your reference.

Your session was one of the few I will cherish for life. Would be glad to share my personal experiences to an external audiences that you may chose me to respond.

Pls feel free to extend my credentials as given in my official signature below to any of your prospective clientage.

– Vice President – Accounting, A Global Bank

While you may feel that you could have written earlier, but this mail is a refresher for all of us to keep referring to what we learnt in the workshop. Not everything, but I have been using some of the concepts and learning from the workshop frequently. As well as promoting these within my team. And I have still not put the handbook in my pedestal.

Thanks again for an amazing workshop. It would be pleasure as well as refresher for me to share about our amazing workshop.

– Vice President | Global Markets Operations, A Global bank

This course worked more as refresher for me and helped me learn a different perspective when it comes to Strategic Thinking.

  • How I can make a difference within my remit to add to the overall strategy
  • Being more structured and guiding teams to achieve short term goals.
  • New concepts learnt eg: VUCA and preparedness to manage unforeseen situations.
  • Business dynamics today and hoe keeping ourselves up to date with the market norms and strategy awareness helps us stand out.

The workshop was very interactive & engaging. Activities by grouping aided to collaboratively come up with ideas, your inputs after each activity was very useful to stream line our thoughts & get them aligned to how one can strategically think!

– Vice President , Global Markets Operations | Equities India,

Feedback from a participant after a 30 minute presentation on High Performance Behaviours & Styles at a Leadership summit

  1. Crisis Management: Instead of just firefighting, try to get down to the root cause of the issue by asking why. I have started using this tactic in some of the situations I am in and it has proved to be useful in figuring out how to avoid the situation the next time around.
  2. Automation: One of my goals this quarter is to ensure that my team starts to manage their own schedules and take the onus to balance the work they have on their plate. I want to be there for them when they have trouble doing so and in freeing up this time, I can focus on a more holistic approach to guiding the team and organization in the right direction as we grow and move forward.

I would like to have heard a little more about leadership styles and what situations warrant for what kind of actions on the leadership front. I know you touched on it briefly in the presentation as well as the Q&A section, but I would have liked to hear more about how to balance the different styles according to one’s original style/personality.

– Delivery Head of a Marketing firm, Bangalore