How often have you felt this deep urge to just break free, to let go, to be yourself ? And how often have you actually got down to doing it, even if it meant breaking the norms or the family and society expectations or upsetting people who matter ? When I saw this picture, it set my mind rolling towards the various situations I come across as a Coach and a Mentor and earlier as a corporate leader over 3 decades.


Often during these interactions I found many leaders professionally and personally stuck in their own web. They somehow were just not able to break free and realize their full potential with their self limiting beliefs and insecurities and trying to fight their battles alone.


To add to it many were stuck with habits and management styles etched in stone over the years. And with responses to their teams based on a need to feel important and be the final authority, their inability to handle criticism or feedback, or even the inability to face any of their team members or colleagues challenging them or their decisions.


Quite naturally, these leaders remain the centre of authority, do not trust the team members enough to delegate work effectively, manage but do not lead the team. keep losing potentially good resources and work so hard to prove their commitment to the organization that the other key and critical aspect of work life balance often takes a toss.


If only these leaders could realize how they are limiting themselvesand have a sounding board who is non judgemental and independent and how the simple tweaking in their leadership styles could make a huge difference to them and their teams.


A recent example of a CEO being coached and feedback says a lot about how easy it is to begin the journey of change.


” The coaching journey has been amazing so far and an eye opener. Since I started this journey there has been some change that I could notice in myself, growth at every opportunity and I am happy about it. The biggest change is my relationships with people. I thought this was my biggest weakness, draining my energy etc but now I see that this is my biggest strength and now I am actually getting energised being with people. I now have realised that by just changing the way we look at things we change the way things are for us.


The next biggest change has been in giving attention to detail, being focused and patient. Earlier I was very restless, lose interest very soon and jump from one idea to another etc. now I am able to make sure that unless I complete the task in hand I do not move to the next thought process. I am also able to give my 100% to the task in hand and not let my mind wander. This has helped me close things and not leave anything halfway.


The other biggest change is the way I am dealing with people. I’m more confident, more convinced, more in control and in charge of myself. I guess understanding and realising my strengths helped a lot. This has helped me relax and relieved me of a lot of burden and pressure and helping me enjoy the work!! “


The change begins at work but soon enough rubs off onto other aspects of life helping them follow their other pending priorities, interests and passions or hobbies too – things that they always compromised on and never felt good about.


The overall holistic change that can come about with these simple yet effective changes in self image and clarity of purpose are amazing and surely help these people break free – much like the picture above.


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