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Cherian Kuruvila is the Co-Founder of CNC Transcend Management Services. He has 30 years of experience in Sales and Marketing, P&L Operations, Retail, HR, large scale Project Management, turn around and Start-up Operations. Cherian is also a faculty for specific programs and workshops on Leadership and Strategic thinking for various Global and Indian corporate clients for their leaders.

The Feelancer team had a chance to catch up with Cherian Kuruvila for a discussion on his consulting practice.

Please provide a brief about your consulting firm’s profile

CNC Transcend Management Services (CNCTMS) is a Management Services firm founded in 2010 that specializes in Business Strategy development and execution along with Leadership development for Growth Phase companies.

CNC stands for the commitment of the Founding Managing Partners Chari and Cherian to lead the transition from the front by filling the remaining building blocks to improve Organisation and Leadership effectiveness and Transcend to the next level.

Please provide a brief overview of your product(s) or service(s)

CNCTMS core services include

  • Business Mentoring to drive 2 X growth through organisation mindset, process and approach change working with the leaderships teams for 6- 12 months.
  • CNCTMS Business Healthscan© to do an independent holistic business Assessment across 7 key business fundamentals with a Strategy consulting approach.
  • Leadership and Executive Coaching to develop leaders and individuals to next level.
  • Organisation development and Strategy Workshops to build leadership pipeline and competencies across levels

What inspired you to start your practice/start offering the above product (s) or service (s)?

After close to 3 decades of experiences each with different areas of expertise across Sales, Marketing, Finance, Commercial, Project management, start ups, HR, we as co-founders felt it was time to give back all those learnings and experiences and our grey hair to organisations and leaders as Mentors and Coaches by challenging, hand holding and empowering entrepreneurs and corporate leaders to help them rise to the next level.

Who is your target market? Who are the clients you think can immensely benefit from the services your firm provides?

  • Our hands-on Professional Services are ideally suited for early stage, growth and slow down phase Organizations… across Industry sectors and for leaders.
  • Facing Operational, Human Resources, Strategy, and Leadership Development challenges in improving Productivity, Profitability and Efficiency Ratios to ensure consistent high Growth and set a strong foundation for 2 X Growth or looking for an independent CNCTMS Business Healthscan that will give a true holistic health check report and recommendations to the Management or Board.
  • Wishing to explore 1:1 Executive or Leadership Coaching for your CXOs, senior leadership and middle level management.
  • Looking for an External Advisory Board Member or Mentor to participate with the leadership teams and help a detailed rework of the Business Plan, Organisation structuring, execute on decisions, get business traction up, and meet Organisational goals through a structured review process and execution focus.
  • Requiring customized Leadership Development Workshops for mid and senior Leaders (Strategic Thinking and Planning, Breakthrough Thinking, Situational Leadership, Harnessing People Power to Scale Up etc.)

What has been the most challenging part of your journey so far?

Our initial assignments were based on the strength of our past corporate backgrounds. The concept of Mentors and Coaches was not strongly established in the early days. From year 2 it was based on proof of concept of working with organisations, making an impact, getting client feedback’s and references.

We have had to keep reinventing our services and approach and evolving to meet a latent need for such professional services. That has been more fun than challenging

What has been your/your firm’s biggest achievement?

Our biggest achievements are the happy feedback’s and references from most of our clients on the Mentoring, Coaching and workshop front. Two of the organisations we mentored in the early days both scaled up rapidly and got bought over by international firms, and many of our Coaches have gone on to handle larger roles in their organisations.

We try to keep contributing and sharing our experiences through our articles which cover topics around Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Coaching, Marketing & Branding and other general topics. Some of them are published on Feelancer too and other magazines.

What are your future plans? What should clients look for in the next few years, from you?

Keep evolving our services to address a wider array of client requirements around our Core offerings.

Spread out our services to more geographies in India and internationally through our business partners and using a collaborative approach. We have serviced clients in Pune, Jaipur, Bangalore, Delhi with our presence and Gurgaon, Mumbai, Kolkata, Dubai, Abu Dhabi using technology so we feel the world is our playground going forward given that our delivery model is now tried, tested, flexible and scalable.

If you have to share a tip for success, what would that be?

As a client – Proudly wear the badge – I have a Mentor or a Coach who has transformed me.
As an entrepreneur – When you stumble, make it part of the dance.

What is the one mistake that you feel individuals must avoid?

Think I know it all. Many entrepreneurs make this one mistake thinking just because I am the founder and am so passionate about my technology or service we will succeed . A one man army cannot win a war.

Any other information you would like to share

Do visit our website at or reach out to us at to work together on your journey to growth

Please share details of some of your awards/accolades

We have not gone after any awards or accolades as a matter of principle. Our biggest accolades are those that come from our clients and coaches; we have so many that we are humbled by it and will be happy to share it.

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