Sometime recently I had shared how the age group 35- 45 was turning into a zone where a lot of professionals and entrepreneurs were beginning to experience their mid career crises and finding themselves or their businesses not keeping pace with their expectations or dreams.


And bringing in its wake feelings of self doubt or self worth. Or an inability to manage a better way to grow in work and evolve as a more sought after leader. Or to manage health, wealth, family, interests or relationships to one’s satisfaction.


All in all not a good space to be in.


And I find it so amazing that during our process of Coaching, as they self reflect, write down their strengths and development areas, what motivates or energises them, their preliminary Work and Personal goals and complete the Holistic Health check and 360 feedback from 10 – 12 people who really know them well, a new energy seeps in.



Many of our coachees say they have never spent so much time on themselves in a long time. And how getting to know how others see them, often so differently, helps make them more self aware.


Its fun to see the transformation in the confidence levels and the openness with which positive and sometimes tough not so positive feedback is taken since it is shared in a consolidated manner and it has come from people who matter at work and personally.


And then the clarity on the goals that matter most to them emerge, which when worked on, in a very structured manner and under the watchful and supportive, and often uncompromising presence of the Coach – virtual or real, makes the change happen. And all this happens in about 4 intense sessions before the next round of working on the journey of change over the next 4- 5 sessions. Change is never easy, but once its the coachee’s decision to change, it is so much easier 🙂



What matters really is the level of empathy, trust, chemistry between the coach and the coachee.


And the confidence that you are in safe hands with someone who does not judge you, is not biased, is a thorough professional, is committed to the Coaching process and only has your best interests in mind. And will also come along their relevant experiences in various leadership roles and life challenges,some of which you might be going through now. So there could be an element of experiential sharing too along the process, if and when appropriate to the discussion or to give a different perspective.



The image below captures other characteristics of a great coach.




So wherever you are, reflect back on where you are, where you want to be, what might be holding you back and are you ready to surrender to the Coaching process to reinvent yourself for the next couple of years both professionally and personally.


It is interesting how so many more individual leaders and entrepreneurs are directly reaching out and getting coached as an investment for their own development, and not waiting for their organisations to decide at their own pace and with a couple of leaders each time.


Interestingly when some coachees get chosen by the organisation, the question often in their minds is Why me ?? and with others maybe Why not me ??


So it may be a great idea to take charge of your development, growth and balance by reaching out to coaches around you who you relate with, who meet most of the characteristics and qualities mentioned about, and with whom you are willing to entrust your change journey.



So over to you 🙂 Take charge !