I recently came across a nice quote about how we leave others after an experience with us.



And it got me thinking what kind of experience we leave the people within our sphere of influence. That can include direct reports, colleagues, bosses, friends, classmates, family and even people we meet for the first time at an event.


Do we come across with a superior ” I know it all feel”  or “I talk you listen approach ” with a tinge of arrogance and overconfidence ? Or do we display a more down to earth, humble, genuine interest in listening, value adding, and supporting style that endears you to the other and makes them look up at you as someone who is not just paying lip service to get their work done ?


I have been sharing the Situational Leadership concept to so many of my client leadership teams and mid and senior executives I coach, and getting them to look inwards at how they might with their own inimitable style, that has evolved over the years, be actually damaging the fabric of a boss – subordinate or a peer to peer or a friend to friend relationship leading to lack of development and trust and ability to delegate without fear of letting go.


As the message says – how you leave others feeling after an experience with you becomes your trademark. So whether you are a CEO, a senior or mid level leader, a Mentor or a Coach, or just a good friend to your friends, how you leave others feeling is so much in your hands .


Why not try to make a positive impact on the lives we touch with each experience. May need some conscious effort at first – but is it not worth it at the end ? 🙂


Enjoy the journey.